Possível Meteoro Earthgrazer na Austrália

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On June 14 night, the few inhabitants of Western Australia were surprised by a unique and fascinating phenomenon: a huge green fireball crossed the skies over some cities, creating a light show that lasted more than 30 seconds and was recorded from at least 8 locations. Check out the video:

The images released don’t show the beginning or the end of the meteor. In all of them, it already appears quite bright and seems to disappear among the clouds. This doesn’t allow us to determine the exact trajectory, but we can conclude that it covered a huge distance during the more than 30 seconds that it passed through the Earth atmosphere.

Due to its long duration, the absence of fragmentation and the constancy of its color and brightness, BRAMON (Brazilian Meteor Observation Network) concluded that it is possibly an earthgrazer meteor, in other words, a meteor that occurs when a fragment of space rock hits the atmosphere at a very low angle and ends up returning to space.

Trajetória estimada do meteoro - Créditos: BRAMON

Estimetade meteor trajectory – Credits: BRAMON

From the analysis of these videos, it was also possible to estimate its trajectory through the atmosphere. We not know exactly where or the meteor began, but it is possible say that it passed between Barrow Island and Cape Preston, going approximately in the north-northeast direction and disappearing over the Indian Ocean.

Its speed was estimated at approximately 20 km/s (72000 km/h) and its intense brightness indicates a high mass, possibly a small asteroid with a few tons.

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