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BRAMON cameras record Starlink-32 reentry

Cameras of BRAMON, the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network,  record the Starlink-32 Satellite reentry over São Paulo, Brazil. The images were recorded at 23:03 on Friday, September 11 (09/12/2020 02:03 UT) at stations RCP2 and RCP3 managed by Renato Poltronieri in Nhandeara, São Paulo. In addition, the…

Bolide over Minas Gerais, Brazil – May 08, 2020

BRAMON, the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, received in May 08 morning, several reports of a great flash followed by a strong explosion noise coming from region of Patos de Minas, west of Minas Gerais. Following these reports, BRAMON requested the search for images from climaaovivo.com.br…