Bólido muito luminoso sobre São Paulo

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Bólidos e Fireballs

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Cameras from BRAMON, the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, and Clima ao Vivo , recorded a very bright bolide over São Paulo State at night of Friday, April 24, 2020. Check out the video:


According to preliminary analyzes, the meteor entered the atmosphere at 05:24 UT with a speed of 19 km/s (68,400 km/h) at an angle of 42.7 ° relative to the ground. The meteor began to shine 77.7 km above the city of Fernandópolis. It went in a northeasterly direction reaching magnitude -11.7 when it exploded and extinguished at 27.4 km height over Riolândia, city on the border between São Paulo and Minas Gerais .

Mapa preliminar da trajetória do bólido - Créditos: BRAMON

Preliminary bolide trajectory map – Credits: BRAMON

Video records

The meteor was recorded by 3 BRAMON stations in Nhandeara, managed by the current Network Director, Renato Poltronieri. It was also recorded by 7 more Clima ao Vivo cameras, 4 of them in Minas Gerais, at Divinópolis, Lagoa da Prata, Oliveira and São Francisco de Paula cities, and 3 cameras in São Paulo State, at Barretos, Monte Azul Paulista and São Paulo (capital of State) cities

Preliminary analyzes were made by the triangulation of the images of Nhandeara and Monte Azul. As new images appear that can refine the results, we will post them here.

If you have seen or registered this or another bolide, you can send your report and images to BRAMON using the form available at bramon.imo.net . It’s easy, fast and you contribute to the science of meteors in Brazil.

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