Astrofotógrafo capta momento exato da passagem de um meteoro

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The astrophotographer Gabriel Zaparolli recorded the exact moment when a meteor crosses the sky during a photo shoot at Furnas Seawall at Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Foto do Meteoro sobre o Paredão de Furnas em Torres, RS - Créditos: Gabriel Zaparolli

Meteor over Furnas Seawall at Torres, RS – Credits: Gabriel Zaparolli

Upon realizing that he had registered the meteor, Gabriel, who is also a member of BRAMON, the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, warned his colleagues that quickly found the record in two other cameras of the Network in Monte Castelo, Santa Catarina and Taquara, also in Rio Grande do Sul.

Check out the video below:

From the triangulation of the images it was possible to calculate its trajectory and its orbit.

The meteor began its visible phase at 23:59 TU (20:59 local time) on May 18, 74 km height over the ocean and traveling at 16.1 km/s (~ 58,000 km/h) until be completely vaporized by the atmosphere at 45.6 km heigh, still over the ocean, about 10 km from the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

Trajetória do meteoro - Créditos: BRAMON

Meteoro trajectory – Credits: BRAMON

Its orbit indicates a sporadic meteor coming from the main asteroid belt, with a 0.8 AU perihelion, 2.3 AU of semi-major axis and 6.2 degrees of inclination.

Órbita do meteoroide - Créditos: BRAMON

Órbita do meteoroide – Créditos: BRAMON

In addition to the beautiful photo taken by Gabriel Zaparolli, the meteor also captured by allsky CFJ10/RS station in Taquara, managed by Dr. Carlos Jung (Heller & Jung Observatory) and by JJS2/SC station in Monte Castelo, managed by Jocimar Justino de Souza.

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