Fireball Sobre São Paulo registrado em 6 câmeras e com espectro!

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At dawn on August 21, 2018 a meteor hits the atmosphere over the State of São Paulo, Brazil, was recorded by 6 BRAMON cameras and in one of them it was possible to register its spectra. See video:

The recording of the meteor spectra of emission makes it possible to carry out an analysis of the chemical composition of the body that generated it. This information together with the orbit obtained through triangulation allows us to fully study the origins of this meteoroid.

After the initial collect and analysis of the videos we get the following results about the event:

The space rock fragment hits the atmosphere at a speed of 17.9 km/sec (more than 64 thousand Km/h) at 02:23 on August 21, 2018, at 82.4 km height, over Santa Isabel City. It flights in the northwest direction showing a very intense brightness that was registered by the meteor monitoring cameras of BRAMON, until reaching the height of 42.2 km on Piracaia. It was recorded by cameras in Osasco, Sumaré, Guaratinguetá and Nhandeara in São Paulo, and in Oliveira and Maria da Fé in Minas Gerais.

Trajetória do meteoro na atmosfera

Atmospheric meteor trajectory (orange)

We have not yet completed the analysis of mass and size of the object, but we believe that the meteor was generated by a fragment with mass between 2Kg and 10Kg that were totally consumed in  atmospheric pass.

According the calculated trajectory, the meteor came from the direction of the Horologium Constellation and didn’t related to any known meteor shower. The final results of the trajectory including an analysis of its chemical composition should be disseminated by the end of the day.

(Latitude, Longitude, Height (m) )
Start: -23.355, -46.233, 82400
Ends: -23.056, -46.386, 42200

Meteor entry data
Duration: 1.8s
Entry angle: 48.2°
Initial velocity: 17.9 Km/s

Absolute Magnitude: -6.3
Estimated mass: (ainda não calculada)

Classified as sporadic, with radiant in Clock Constellation
Right Ascention: 38.7
Declination: -58.8

Alfredo Dal’Ava Júnior (ADJ1/SP)
Denis Araújo (FGL1/SP)
Daniela Mourão (GDOP1/SP)
Renato Cássio Poltronieri (RCP1/SP)
Welter Vaz Mesquita (WMV1/MG)
William Siqueira (WSR1/MG)

Data colect and Analisis
Carlos Di Pietro
Marcelo Zurita

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