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(Português do Brasil) Montando sua estação BRAMON
BRAMON | Fireball Over São Paulo – July 11, 2018


Fireball Over São Paulo – July 11, 2018

In the early down of July 11, 2018 at 00:56:01, information pointed to several sightings of a fireball in the skies of the inland of São Paulo. We soon began a search on BRAMON records in the southeast. With our high density coverage of the region, we could quickly find the fireball registered in five cameras affiliated with BRAMON.

Image of Fireball as seen from OCA3 station – Bilac / SP (Leonardo Amaral)

Image of Fireball as seen from RCP2 station – Nhandeara/SP (Renato Poltronieri)

Image of Fireball as seen from  RCP1  – Nhandeara/SP (Renato Poltronieri)

Imagem do Fireball como visto a partir da estação DLM2 – Campinas/SP (Daniel Leal)

Image of Fireball as seen from  ACD2 station – Rio Claro/SP (Antônio Duarte)

Views of the Meteoro from the BRAMON stations in São Paulo

The São Paulo fireball orbit is close of Mars orbit.

Top view of São Paulo fireball orbit.

The prelliminary orbital data are:

Geocentric velocity: 16.7km/s

a = 0.95 AU

q = 0.409 AU

e = 0.559

peri = 131.9º

Node = 288.6º

incl = 3.75º

Atmosphere trajectory.

And here we have a video with compilation of images from all the stations that registered the fireball.

BRAMON is the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network. With a collaborative and voluntary nature, it acts with meteor records and analyzes. It has associated cameras in 20 Brazilian states and 127 meteor showers already discovered.

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