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(Português do Brasil) Montando sua estação BRAMON
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BRAMON cameras record Starlink-32 reentry

Cameras of BRAMON, the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network,  record the Starlink-32 Satellite reentry over São Paulo, Brazil. The images were recorded at 23:03 on Friday, September 11 (09/12/2020 02:03 UT) at stations RCP2 and RCP3 managed by Renato Poltronieri in Nhandeara, São Paulo. In addition, the…

Very bright bolide over São Paulo

Cameras from BRAMON, the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, and Clima ao Vivo , recorded a very bright bolide over São Paulo State at night of Friday, April 24, 2020. Check out the video: Analysis According to preliminary analyzes, the meteor entered the atmosphere at 05:24 UT…