Grande bólido no Sertão de Pernambuco

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A huge bolide lit up the backlands on the border between Pernambuco and Paraíba brazilian states on this Wednesday, July 15th night. The first informations says that it occurred at 18:59 BRT (21:59 UT), and was seen from Pernambuco, Paraíba, Ceará and Bahia States.

Bólido registrado a partir de Cabrobó, PE - Créditos Atel Telecom /

Bolide recorded from Cabrobó, PE – Credits: Atel Telecom /

The meteor was recorded by at least seven cameras of and several witness reports are being added so that we can define the trajectory and better characteristics of this phenomenon, which drawing everyone’s attention in many cities in the region and has become a prominence subject on social networks.

At first we have the compilation of the video images of the meteor. We are grateful for the partnership with and we wait for any images from security cameras and additional reports that can help in the prompt disclosure.

From preliminary analyzes, BRAMON calculated the trajectory of the bólido, which arose between the municipalities of Princesa Isabel (PB) and Carnaíba (PE) and followed in a southeast direction, disappearing in the sky south of Arcoverde (PE).

Trajetória preliminar do bólido - Créditos: BRAMON

Preliminary bolide trajectory – Credits: BRAMON

BRAMON continues to work with the data in order to define the orbit of the meteoroid, as well as estimates of the size and mass of the object that entered the atmosphere near Serra Talhada (PE).

As soon as new information are got and the trajectory and orbit calculations are finalized, we will post them on our social networks.



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